Advantages of using Wordpress for blogging

WordPress is the most popular platform for building websites and blogs. It is very easy to operate and build a blog in WordPress. You can build from a simple to an e-commerce website in WordPress, with a user friendly interface. Since I am using WordPress from long time I would love to share some of the key features of WordPress. These features of WordPress make it perfect for building a SEO friendly website for its bloggers. So, let us checkout them.

Advantages of using Wordpress for blogging

WordPress is used because it comes with very useful plugins. These plugins are very helpful for bloggers. Most of the work of blogger is done by plugins in WordPress. Right from editing, sharing, monetization, SEO etc. everything is done with help of plugins. Blogger have only write quality articles. I have been using WordPress from last two years, yoast SEO, quick Adsense, are one of my best plugins. 

Website design

For a blog to rank higher in search engine, its design plays a key role. WordPress website design are SEO friendly and quickly rank higher in search engine. Many themes are also available in WordPress which gives you a user friendly environment for your blog. The WordPress dashboard is also very simple to use. You can easily customize your blog from the dashboard.


All of us want to get traffic. The best way to get traffic is through SEO. Unlike blogger, WordPress has taken care of SEO for the bloggers. As I have mentioned earlier, there are many plugins available in WordPress to make your blog post user friendly. On and off page SEO is easily followed in WordPress.


There are many WordPress themes available for bloggers and marketers. Even E Commerce website are built on WordPress platform. Even themes from other sources can be uploaded in WordPress.

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