How to check theme of any WordPress website online

Selection of a good theme is very important. There are different WordPress themes available for website in simple and complex designs. If you want to use only for blogging, you can use any particular WordPress theme which has simple user friendly layout and design. But, if you want to install an ecommerce website, you have to check what are the features, template, widgets, components of themes which can help in easy selling of your products. Now, how to find out a theme of a website, which can be used for your blog. If you want check themes, there are “n” number of themes available in internet. But, I would suggest, to visit different website of same interest and look into their website layout, template and design. If you like any theme of a website, you can use that theme for your blog as well. Now, let’s check out how we can find out the theme details of any WordPress website.

WordPress Theme Detector (WPTD)

This is the best place to detect theme of any WordPress website. Just visit website WordPress Theme Detector here, and enter you WordPress domain name in the “Site to Check” box, as shown below. Now, just click “Experience the magic of WPTD”. 

How to check theme of any WordPress website online
Below, is the result of my domain name, through WPTD. All the theme details about my WordPress domain is given instantly.

How to check theme of any WordPress website online

What Theme

This is only a similar place like WordPress theme detector. Just visit the website here and enter you domain name  and click search, as shown below.

Below are the theme details through What theme. The details are same which we got through WPTD. So, here also you can easily check theme of any WordPress blog or website.

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