How to Create Pivot Table in Microsoft Excel 2010

Microsoft excel is perfect for storing information in the form of tables. In 2010, excel has some of the best features for us.  The best feature which I like the most is the pivot table. I am working everyday on big excel sheets, but pivot table makes it look so easy to handle. Still many of us are struggling to handle big data in excel, so I would suggest to go for pivot table to make their work easy. I am here to just show how easily you can create a pivot table in Microsoft excel in 2010.  I hope this guide will help to become perfect in excel skills in your day to day work.

Step -1

Let us first learn about pivot table. A table which is great in calculating and summarizing information of large excel data in just once click can be called as pivot table. It might be little confusing for beginners, but pivot table is known for making large things short. So, the first step here is to open a new excel and enter some random data as shown below.


Step -2

Now, just click the Insert tab and you can see the Pivot table in the left corner. Now, select the whole excel data and click Pivot table. Once, you click it, you will see a box appearing on the right side to select the Table range and will ask to create a pivot table in New Worksheet or Existing worksheet. Just click OK once you are done.


Step- 3

Once you click OK, you can see the Pivot table on the right side of the excel sheet. As shown below, you can see the pivot table is created with all the Tab names. Now, how to use this table.



Now, just click the box for which you can to calculate the number. For example, in below excel we have clicked Sr. No. It will show all the SUM of all numbers of that column. You can change the calculation setting by just double clicking the Sum of Sr. No Tab. Once you click it, you will see a box appearing which will give you an different option to calculate the numbers. Now, go ahead and calculate you excel with just few clicks.


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