How to easily get Google AdSense approval

AdSense is one the major source of income for bloggers. Making money from home has become possible through AdSense, thanks to google. But, still many bloggers don’t know about AdSense and requirement for its approval. I am using it from few months and thought to share few things about it. AdSense is great for professionals who wants to make a career in blogging. There are alternatives of AdSense in market, but I would suggest to use it always. So, let us check the requirement and how to get AdSense approval in within few days.

How to easily get Google AdSense approval

Requirement for AdSense account

If you want to earn through blogging, you should have a blog first. So, the first requirement is to create a blog, either in blogger or WordPress. Now, once you have created a blog, you should have healthy blog post. When I applied for AdSense account, I had around 10 to 15 blog post. Each article was around 500 words. Do not use too much images or videos. Your AdSense application will be rejected if you have too many images or videos. One more thing, it is not required to wait for 6 months to apply for AdSense after creating a blog. Once, you have a blog with sufficient content you can go ahead and apply for AdSense. Also, keep you blog user friendly, for example keep proper menu, categories, link blog posts for navigations to help your visitors to go through every page of your blog.

Approval from AdSense

Once you apply for AdSense, google will reply within a week or more about your application. Your approval can be rejected also. Google will clearly mention why it has been rejected and what are the requirement to fulfil in your blog for AdSense. Even, my first application was rejected for AdSense (see below screenshot). But, next time I fulfilled all the google AdSense requirement and again applied after few days. This time I got approved. So, always remember, your website should be fully built with sufficient content before applying for AdSense.

How to easily get Google AdSense approval

Keep everything original and new

Google doesn’t like copied content. Hence, do not apply by just copying content from other blogs. Write your own article with new updates and post on your blog. Yes, you can do some research by surfing other blogs, but do not copy their content. Read around 5 to 10 articles and the write them in your own language in your article. Readers love to read original content. Also, your blog performance and ranking will depend on how much quality and new content you can provide. Remember, the key to success here is to be unique. So, share your thought and ideas. Readers like people who think differently.

Building relationship with AdSense

There are bloggers who stop writing after sometimes. This happen because they are not able to make enough money through AdSense. You cannot make money within a day in AdSense. It takes around 6 to 12 months to get your first check through AdSense. Once, you start getting payment through AdSense the trust factor develops between AdSense and the blogger. Hence, you should always think of long term relationship with AdSense. Even AdSense, send notification to make changes in your account when your income goes down. All and all it is a gradual process of making money and hence you should have a patience to stay here for long time.

Final word

Google AdSense is the best place for making money. Do join as full time or part time. Please share your thoughts in the comment section.

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