Step by Step guide to fix Google AdSense Policy Violation

We all know about google AdSense account. First of all, it is not at all easy to get google AdSense accountapproval. You have to really work hard on your blog or website for google AdSense approval. As we know, there are certain policies which google AdSense follows. If you have a google AdSense account, you must have to follow those policies. I just came to know after being an account holder of google AdSense for 2 years, I have violated their policies. Yes, you will never know, when they will come back with a notification of policy violation. Now, let us talk more in details about how we can overcome or fix such policy violation. I will go through my policy violation, which I received recently and how I fixed it.

Step 1 Notification of Adsense Policy Violation

If you are using AdSense account, you will see some notification on the right corner of your account as shown in the below image. Always do check for those notification otherwise you will be in problem with your AdSense account. Mostly they will suggest to use correct ads or unblock categories for increasing your AdSense income.  But, last week I saw a notification of reporting a AdSense policy violation. I was actually shocked and afraid of getting my AdSense account blocked, disabled or banned. But, my account was working fine. You can see in detail in below image about my AdSense notification.

 How to fix Google AdSense Policy violation?

Step 2 Red Line Pop Up for Violation

Now, once you come to you Home tab in AdSense account, you will see a RED line again prompting you about violation of AdSense policies. Now, here you have click the Action button, to check what should be done to resolve the issue.

Step 3 Details of AdSense Policy Violation

Step by Step guide to fix Google AdSense Policy Violation

Once you click Action, you will come to the Account level violation and Site level violation. Depending on your policy violation you will get the message. I did not violate any Account level violation as you can see in the below picture. Now, just click the Site level violations, which I have violated. 

How to fix Google AdSense Policy violation?

Step 4 Fixing of Policy violation

Now, here you can see the violation in detail, date (hidden), Status (unresolved), consequences (warning) and the violating website. Now, just click the “+” sign in the violation, to learn more about it and how to resolve or fix this problem.

How to fix Google AdSense Policy violation?

Step 5 Resolve the AdSense Violation issue

Once, you click the “+” sign, you will see all the details about the violation, how to resolve the issue and the time period for fixing the issue. As per the below message, you have to resolve the issue within 3 days of your notification date. If you forget to do that, google AdSense will not show ads in this violated website. Though your account will not be blocked or banned. I have placed some large ads above the fold and which is creating a problem in following AdSense policies. Hence, I have to remove these large ads from above the fold area. So, I removed all the large ads above the fold area and came back to AdSense account and click Mark resolved. This will ping google, the issue is being resolved. Now, google will again come back to your website for confirmation and then only your error message (Red line) about policy violation will be removed.

How to fix Google AdSense Policy violation? 

Step 6 Final Status of Policy violation

As you can see in the below image, the status is changes for Unresolved to Resolved, once I have made the necessary changes and click Mark resolved.

How to fix Google AdSense Policy violation?

Nowadays, at least google is giving time to resolve policy violation issue, otherwise earlier they may directly block or banned the AdSense account. Now, I hope you all would have understood how to tackle or solve the policy violation issues. Do share the article if you liked it.

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