How to use Twitter to increase traffic to your blog

Twitter is the best microblogging social networking sites. These days everyone including Celebrities use their twitter account to be in contact with their fans. So, even you as a blogger, can use your twitter account to be contact with your readers. Twitter is also very helpful in increasing your blog traffic. If you have a twitter account, you will surely know about hashtags (#). These days if you want to say something just use proper hashtags in your tweet, it will reach out to specific readers. In twitter, hashtags will be trending everyday on the basis of the popularity of the topic. Hence, you can also use hashtags of your blog topic to target more audience.

Trending hashtags in Twitter

Once you log in into your twitter account, you can see on the left side the trending hashtags. These hashtags are the popular and trending on that day. These hashtags are ranked as per the data obtained by twitter and the number of tweets using these hashtags.

How to use Twitter to increase traffic to your blog

Length of your Tweet 

Since, twitter is a microblogging social networking site, you have to use a phrase or sentence up to 140 words only. Once you start writing, you will automatically see the number of words start getting decreasing from 140 letters. You can see in the below image, the blank section for the tweet and the number of words allowed, that is 140.

How to use Twitter to increase traffic to your blog

Using Hashtags for generating traffic to your blog

Now, suppose you want to tweet your blog post on twitter timeline. Here, you can use hashtags with your post, which you want to share as tweet. As you can see in the below image, I have shared my blog post title including hashtags. Since my blog is on blogging I am using hashtags of blogger, WordPress, SEO etc. in my tweet. Now, those who are interested to look for any information about Facebook, twitter, SEO, blogger etc. will also come across to my tweet. This way you will connect with people and then if they like your tweet they will follow you. In such a way, you can increase your followers in twitter, which in turn will increase the traffic of your blog. Do remember to add you blog link. Always shortened your blog link before tweeting, since we have only 140 letters to use.  This is the simplest way of getting more visitors to your blog.

How to use Twitter to increase traffic to your blog

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