How to block or hide images in Firefox Browser

Images sometimes give very bad experience while surfing internet. There are many irrelevant images appear on your page which disturb a lot. Also, loading of these images decreasing the internet speed. But, from last few days I am using a Firefox extension or add-on Image Block, which block all the images of the page which I am surfing. Yes, this extension will hide all the images which will appear on your page. Now, let us check how you can do it in your computer as well and enjoy image free surfing of web.
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Install Image block Firefox extension

Images block is a Firefox extension and hence first you have to download Firefox browser. Once, you have installed Firefox, just go ahead and install extension Image block from the below link.

Now, once reached to the above link you will get a page as shown below.

Now, just click the “+ Add to Firefox “button to install the extension. Once installed just restart your Firefox browser.

How to operate Image Block extension?

Once you have installed you will get the image block extension on the top right corner of the Firefox browser. You can just block the images of the page by just clicking the block image icon. Now, just see the below images to understand when the Image Block extension is active.

When Image Block is Inactive (Shows Images)

When Image Block is Active (Block Images)

Now, you can surf the web without any images of your Firefox browser. Below are the screenshot of few popular websites with image block extension in active mode.



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