Shortcut keys for MS word 2010

MS word is used on daily basis. Since, it is used frequently it is very important to know all the shortcut keys used MS word 2010. One can easily finish his or her work by using keyboard shortcut keys. Now, let us check the list of daily used action keys which can be very helpful in saving our time. Since, we use MS word only for writing and editing documents these short cuts keys might increase your knowledge about using word document.

Shortcut keys for MS word 2010

List of Shortcut keys for MS word 2010

Keyword Action
CTRL+SHIFT+A converts the selected text to capital letters or vice versa
CTRL+SHIFT+F  Displays the Font dialog box.
CTRL+SHIFT+G  Displays the Word Count dialog box.
CTRL+SHIFT+S  Displays the Apply Styles task pane.
ALT+R  Displays the Review tab
ALT+CTRL+1  Apply Heading 1, Similarly ALT + CTRL + 2 will apply heading 2
CTRL+SHIFT+L  Applies Bullets
CTRL+SHIFT+F5  Bookmark
CTRL + B  Bold Text
CTRL + I  Italic Text
CTRL + U  Underline Text
CTRL+E  Navigate to the center Paragraph
CTRL+SHIFT+C  Copy Format
ALT+SHIFT+F7  Dictionary
ALT+CTRL+S  Splits the Document
CTRL+SHIFT+D  Double Underline
CTRL+END  End of Document
END  End of line
CTRL+SHIFT+P  Font size select
SHIFT+F5 or ALT+CTRL+Z  Go Back to previous state
CTRL+SHIFT+.  Grow Font
CTRL+]  Grow Font one point
ALT+SHIFT+R  Header Footer Link
CTRL+K  Hyperlink
CTRL+M  Indentation
CTRL+J  Justifies Paragraph
ALT+F8  Inserts Macros
ALT+SHIFT+K  Mail Merge Check
F10  Menu Mode
ALT+F7  Moves to the Next Misspelling
CTRL+H  Replace
CTRL+P  Print
CTRL+SHIFT+F12  Also launches Print
F12  Save As
CTRL+SHIFT+K  Small Caps
SHIFT+F7  Thesaurus
ALT+SHIFT+T  Time Field
CTRL+SHIFT+M  Unindent
Ctrl+N  Create new document
Ctrl+O  Open document
Ctrl+W  Close document
Ctrl+S  Save document
F12  Save document as
Ctrl+P  Print document/ print preview
Ctrl+F6  Switch between multiple Word documents
Arrow Left/Arrow Right  Jump one character to the left / to the right
Ctrl+Arrow Left/Ctrl+Arrow Right  Jump one word to the left / to the right
End/Home  Jump to the end of a line / beginning of a line
Arrow Down/Arrow Up  Jump one line down / one line down
Ctrl+Arrow Down/Ctrl+Arrow Up  Jump one paragraph down / one paragraph up
Page Down/Page Up  Jump one screen down/ one screen up
Alt+Ctrl+Page Down/Alt+Ctrl+Page Up  Jump to top / to bottom of visible window
Ctrl+End/Ctrl+Home  Jump to end / to beginning of document
F6  Cycle through Ribbon/open panes/Status Bar/document window
Ctrl+G/F5  Go to a page, bookmark, footnote, table, comment, graphic, or other location
Alt+Ctrl+Z  Go back to previously edited location in document (up to 4 places)
Shift+F5  Go to a the last change or revision. Also works after opening document.
Ctrl+Shift+F5  Set, go to and edit bookmarks
Alt+Ctrl+Home  Set Browse Options. Press the arrow keys to select an option, and then press enter to browse through a document by using the selected option
Ctrl+Page Down/Ctrl+Page Up  Move to next / move to previous browser object as set in Browse Options
Shift+Arrow Right/Shift+Arrow Left  Extend selection one character to the right / to the left
Ctrl+Shift+Arrow Right/Ctrl+Shift+Arrow Left  Extend selection one word to the right / to the left
Shift+End/Shift+Home  Extend selection to the end / to beginning of a line
Shift+Arrow Down/Shift+Arrow Up  Extend selection one line down / one line up
Shift+Page Down/Shift+Page Up  Extend selection one screen down / one screen up
Ctrl+Shift+End/Ctrl+Shift+Home  Extend selection to end / to beginning of document
Alt+Ctrl+Shift+Page Down/Alt+Ctrl+Shift+Page Up  Extend selection to end / to beginning of visible window
Ctrl+A  Extend selection to entire document
Arrow Keys  Cancel selection and return to beginning / to end of selection
F8  Turn Extend Mode on: Extend selection without pressing shift
Arrow keys , Page up/Page Down  Extend selection in Extended Mode:
F8  Extend selection further by word, paragraph, document in Extended Mode
Shift+F8  Reduce the size of a selection in Extended Mode
Ctrl+Shift+f8, and arrow keys  Select a vertical block of text in Extended Mode
Esc  Turn extend mode off
F8  Extend a selection to a specific location in a document
Ctrl+D/Ctrl+Shift+K Open the Font dialog box
Ctrl+Shift+</Ctrl+Shift+> Decrease / Increase font size one value
Ctrl+[/Ctrl+] Decrease / Increase font size one point
Ctrl+B Apply/remove bold
Ctrl+I Apply/remove italic
Ctrl+U Apply/remove underline
Ctrl+= Apply/remove subscript
Ctrl+Shift+= Apply/remove superscript
Ctrl+Shift+C Copy formatting
Ctrl+Shift+V Paste formatting
Ctrl+Shift+D Apply/remove double-underline
Ctrl+Shift+W Apply/remove words underline (only words, no spaces)
Ctrl+Shift+H Apply/remove hidden formatting
Ctrl+Shift+A Apply/remove all capitals
Ctrl+Shift+K Apply/remove small capitals
Shift+F3 Change between all upper-, first letter upper- and all lower-case
Ctrl+d, then Alt+k and enter Apply strike-through formatting (font dialog)
Ctrl+Shift+Q Change the selection to the Symbol font
Shift+F1 Reveal Formatting (show all formats of selection)
Ctrl+Alt+H Apply/remove Highlight Text Feature
Ctrl+R Right-align paragraph
Ctrl+L Left-align paragraph
Ctrl+E Center-align paragraph
Ctrl+J Justify-align paragraph
Ctrl+M/Ctrl+Shift+M Indent paragraph from the left and increase / decrease indent
Ctrl+T Increase hanging indent
Ctrl+Shift+T Decrease hanging indent
Ctrl+1 Set line-spacing to single-space
Ctrl+2 Set line-spacing to double-space
Ctrl+5 Set line-spacing to 1.5
Ctrl+0 (zero) Add or remove one line space preceding a paragraph

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