Step by Step to create Guest Login in Windows 10

When we have multiple user for a computer , it becomes necessary to create multiple user login. In Windows 10, we have options to enable or create a guest login so that it can be used by more than one user. So, today we will learn how to create a guest login in windows 10 for flexible use of computer or laptop.  So, let cus check that how we can set up our home or guest account in windows 10 for easy use.

Step 1

First we have to open the command prompt by right clicking start ->command prompt. Once command prompt is opened now enter the word  NETPLWIZ” and click enter (as shown in the image below).

Step 2

After the first step, you will be directed to the user account screen as shown below. Now, just click Add in this window.

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Step 3

Now, after clicking Add you will come across the below screen. Now, just click the below sentence “sign in without a Microsoft account (not recommended)” and click next. 

Step 4

You will come to the below window after step 3. Now here just click “local account” to enter you login details in next step.

Step 5

Now, here just enter your login and password details. Here, you can choose any login name and password. You can see I have entered guest account as my login name. once done just click Next. Another window will pop up after this, just click finish to close the window.

Step 6

Now, you will see the below screen where your guest account will be added with your primary account as shown below.

Step 7

Now, just click the Properties in the above window to fix some setting for your new guest account.

Step 8

Once, you have click Properties, you will reach to the below screen. Click the Group Membership tab to reach to the other section. Now, click the other section to change the option. 

Step 9

Click the dropdown for other section to select the "Guests" option. Once selected you will have a screen as shown below.

Now, you are enabled, setup or created you guest account login. You can restart your system and check you will a guest account login option along with your primary account to login to your system.


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