Best Affiliate Networks for Bloggers to make money online

Blogging has been proven a very good option to make money online. If you are really looking to make money from home, then blogging can be a very good career option. But, do remember it is not easy to make money through blogging. Even if you have Google AdSense account, you need to really deliver some quality articles to generate more clicks on google ads. But, if you have a decent traffic and a healthy blog posts you can easily make nice money through affiliate programs or networks. By selling affiliate products through your blog, you can really make handsome money through commission. So, today we will check out the best affiliate networks in the market.

Best Affiliate Networks for Bloggers to make money online

Amazon affiliate account

Amazon is the biggest eCommerce market in the world. It has products from all the category. So, if you want to sell amazon products through your blog, you have to just create affiliate account. Through this account you can generate links of the products which you want to promote and sell on your blog. If the visitors buy the product through the links on your blog, you will earn a commission for that product. This way you can easily make money by selling products from your blog. Through google AdSense, you can make money on the amount of click you get. But, through affiliate marketing you have chance to make more money from each product sold through your blog.


Clickbank also works the same way like amazon, but clickbank is not an online shopping website like amazon. It has a marketplace where you can search your favorite products and sell those products on your blog. The commission rate in clickbank is also good. The payment method is also good, you can withdraw money even weekly, biweekly, monthly etc. once you reach the threshold amount. Also, you have many option to choose your product on gravity, popularity, average $/sale etc. 

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This is also a great place for affiliate marketers and bloggers. ShareASale is having vast collection of products. But, here we have to join individual programs to use their products for sale. Once, they approve your application for joining these program, then only you can use the product links for your website. The commission rate in ShareASale is little low compared to Clickbank and Amazon. But, this place has flexible mode of payment, either through Check or direct deposit. Paypal is not accepted for ShareASale payment.  

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