How to check Duplicate DATA in the Excel sheet

Microsoft office has amazing functions which really makes our job easy. If you are using MS Word and MS excel you will come to know how easily you can do your office or personal work in them. Today, I am just sharing a tip while using excel which can help you to perform your task efficiently. We will learn today how to find out the duplicate data is excel sheet with a single click and avoid using the overlapping of same data. This is the easiest way you can remove unnecessary data from your excel sheet.

Find duplicate data in Excel sheet with single click

Excel sheet is used for keep a list of your account or for calculation of number or metrics which can be easily done on excel. Hence, we might sometime duplicate some number or data while entering them in excel. It is easy to find the duplicate data if you excel has less or limited information, but when your excel has too much information, it will be difficult to find any duplication error in the data. Hence to remove this error just click the below button to find the duplicate data.

How to check Duplicate DATA in the Excel sheet

Once you click the above button, it will find out the duplicate data and will remove it.

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thanks for sharing this information. I search many times because I am not use excel every day.