How to use MEDIUM: One more social platform to share blog post

Medium is one more place where you can write stories and publish it. It is  really a cool place to share you content with the other members on Medium. This website has an Alexa rank 377. Now, if a website has such high ranking, means it will have huge traffic. Hence, using this website will help you to connect with bloggers and experts around the world. If you have not used this website, I would recommend you to please start sharing your article on this website. Below are the steps to register and share your stories on this website.

Sign in with twitter, Facebook or Gmail account on Medium

You can easily sign in to Medium using twitter, Facebook or Gmail account as shown below. Once you become a member of medium, you can fill your profile details.

Write stories on Medium to share

Once you have logged in to Medium, you can see tab for writing a story. If you have a story or blog post to share, you can just go ahead and publish it as shown below.

Once you click Write a story, you will get a box with Title and tell your story description. Here, you can just feed your title and paste your blog post to publish it.

These are the simple steps to use Medium for sharing your blog post and connect with the members related to your niche. You might get a dofollow or nofollow backlink as well from medium if you become an active member on Medium.

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